General Contracting

At present, the main focus of our activity is general contracting for civil structures.

Reinforced concrete works

Aside from the comprehensive construction of facilities, the company constructs building shells, taking into account reinforced concrete works in particular.

Lease of construction equipment

We have a modern fleet of specialist machines available for lease. Our operators are highly qualified specialists with several years of experience.

Building materials

We run wholesale of building materials, particularly for building shell constructions.

Mission of the company

The mission of the MAR-BUD company is to carry out construction investments according to the highest quality standards based on principles of professional operation, a modern approach, partnership and reliability. We advance according to principles of work ethics and care about the highest quality of service, a fast pace of work and the satisfaction of the client.

About us


Our experience and potential allow us to undertake tasks at the highest level of difficulty whilst maintaining a fast pace of work. We offer high quality, cost optimisation and timely implementation according to our group’s watchword: BUILDING ON TIME.

See our implementations


What the company offers has been expanded with innovative cold accumulators - systems for recovering low-temperature energy from water (including sewage) and the design and construction of structures in BIM technology.

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